Spanish Weather Expressions

If you don't have anything to talk about, you can always talk about the weather. Becoming fluent in Spanish requires the ability to recognize and use common weather expressions and terms. Below we'll introduce you to the most common, and useful, weather expressions in Spanish.
What's the weather like?
¿Qué tiempo hace?
How's the weather?
¿Cómo está el tiempo?
How's the climate?
¿Cómo está el clima?
What’s it like outside?
¿Cómo está por afuera?
It’s very cold.
Hace mucho frio.
It’s very windy.
Hace mucho viento.
It’s very clear.
Está muy despejado.
It's hot.
Hace calor.
It's sunny.
Hace sol.
The weather is bad.
Hace mal tiempo.
The weather is good.
Hace buen tiempo.
It's cloudy.
Está nublado.
It's raining.
Está lluvioso.
It's dark.
Está oscuro.
It's foggy.
Hay niebla.
It's misty.
Hay neblina.
It's lightning.
Hay relámpagos.
It's pouring.
Hay lluvias torrenciales.
There's a windstorm.
Hay un vendaval.
It's sprinkling.
Hay lloviznas.
It's humid.
Hay humedad.
The moon is out.
Hay luna.
It's raining.
It's snowing.
It is drizzling.
It's thundering.