Spanish Verbs: Volver a + infinitive

Many expressions in Spanish are formed by combining a conjugated verb, followed by the preposition "a", with the infinitive verb. One useful expression is formed by combining the verb volver (conjugated), followed by "a", with an infinitive verb. The formula is:

    volver a + infinitive = to do something again

Remember, volver is a o:ue stem-changing verb. Read and listen to the following examples for the verb combination volver a + infinitive, then repeat each out loud.

I return to speak with the man.
Vuelvo a hablar con el hombre.
Are you going to speak with her again?
Vuelves a conversar con ella?
John reads the magazine again.
Juan vuelve a leer la revista.
I am going to read that again.
Voy a volver a leerlo.
We returned to watch the movie again.
Volvimos a ver la pelÝcula.