Spanish Irregular Verbs: Tener and Venir

"Tener" (to have)and "venir" (to come) are two of the most used irregular words in the Spanish language. Since these verbs are irregular they do not follow normal conjugation rules for regular verbs. Consequently, their conjugations must be memorized. However, they are both very similar in the way they are conjugated. Read and listen each of these irregular verbs below, then repeat each verb and its conjugation out loud.


to have

to have
I have
yo tengo
you have (familiar)
t tienes
you have (formal)
usted tiene
he has
l tiene
she has
ella tiene
we have (masculine)
nosotros tenemos
we have (feminine)
nosotras tenemos
you have (familiar plural)
vosotros tenis
they have (masculine)
ellos tienen
you have (formal plural)
ustedes tienen


to come

to come
I come
yo vengo
you come (familiar)
t vienes
you come (formal)
usted viene
he comes
l viene
she comes
ella viene
we come (masculine)
nosotros venimos
we come (feminine)
nosotras venimos
you come (familiar plural)
vosotros vens
you come (formal plural)
ustedes vienen
they come (masculine)
ellos vienen
they come (feminine)
ellas vienen