Informal Future Tense in Spanish

In spoken Spanish the informal future tense is often used to communicate future actions. The informal future is formed using the Spanish verb "ir" (to go) conjugated in the present indicative, followed by the preposition "a", and the infinite form of the verb communicating the action to take place. Read and listen to each of the examples of the informal future tense below, then repeat each out loud.

I am going to travel through the United States of America.
Yo voy a viajar por los Estado Unidos de America.
You are going to run in a marathon.
vas a correr en un maratón.
You are going to die.
Usted va a morir.
She is going to ski.
Ella va a esquiar.
He is going to buy a new house.
Él va a comprar una casa nueva.
We are going to eat breakfast tomorrow morning.
Nosotros vamos a desayunar mañana por la mañana.
You are going to play with your friends tonight.
Vosotros vais a jugar con sus amigos esta noche.
You are going to have success.
Ustedes van a tener éxito.
They are going to study this weekend.
Ellos van a estudiar este fin de semana.
They are going to wake up early.
Ellas van a despertar temprano.