Spanish Idiomatic Expressions with "hacer"

The verb "hacer" (to make, to do) forms the basis for many commonly used idiomatic expressions in Spanish. If you want to understand Spanish and learn how to speak the language fluenty, it's important to learn all the idiomatic expressions that use "hacer". Below we've listed the most common, and useful, idiomatic expressions that use "hacer". Read and listen to each one, then repeat each one out loud.

a long time ago
hace mucho tiempo
My father came to visit us a long time ago.
Mi padre vino a visitarnos hace mucho tiempo.

I haven't slept for four days.
Hace cuatro días que no duermo.
I didn't sleep well two days ago.
Hace dos días no dormí bien.

to be warm
hacer calor
It's extremely hot!
¡Hace un calor espantoso!

to pay attention to
hacer caso de
It's important you pay attention to your mom, but don't mind me.
Es importante que le haga caso a tu mamá, pero no me haga caso.

a little while ago
hace poco
She died a little while ago.
Murió hace poco.

to make a killing
hacer su agosto
The salesman made a killing with the holiday sales.
El vendedor hizo su agosto con las ventas del feriado.

to harm
hacer daño
Your husband has hurt you so much since you got married.
Tu esposo te ha hecho mucho daño desde que se casaron.

to act as
hacer de
In the play she is going to act as the maid.
En la obra ella va a hacer de criada.

to boast
hacer alarde
She boasts that she's pretty.
Ella hace alarde que es bonita.

to allude
hacer alusión
As she spoke, she alluded to her husband.
Mientra hablaba hizo alusión a su esposo.

be a fool
hacerse tonto
Don't make yourself the fool.
No te hagas el tonto.

to pretend
hacer de cuenta
Pretend you don't know her.
Haz de cuenta que no la conoces.

to do over
hacer de nuevo
You have to do it again.
Tienes que hacerlo de nuevo.