Spanish Verbs Mastery List

There are thousands of verbs in the Spanish language. Trying to learn all of them, all at once, can be a bit overwhelming. However, you can become quite conversational in Spanish by learning how to conjugate and correctly use just a handful of popular verbs. The Spanish verbs mastery list below includes the top 100 verbs, in order of importance, that you should learn in order to begin conversing in Spanish and work toward becoming fluent. Once you've mastered these verbs, we recommend cherry picking additional verbs to learn from our comprehensive verb conjugations directory.

to be (essential/permanent quality)
to be (health, location, state)
to have
to go
to do, to make
to take out, to remove
to say, to tell
to be able to, can
to see
to give
to want, to love
to know (information)
to speak
14. llegar
to arrive, to come, to reach
15. pasar
to pass, to spend (time), to happen
16. deber
to owe, must, should, ought to
17. poner
to put, to place, to set
to seem, to appear
19. quedar
to stay, to remain
20. creer
to believe
21. llevar
to carry, to bring
22. dejar
to leave, to abandon, to let, to allow
23. llamar
to call, to name
to find, to encounter
25. seguir
to follow, to continue
26. pensar
to think
27. salir
to leave, to go out
28. venir
to come
29. volver
to return, to go back
30. tomar
to take, to drink
to know (people, places)
32. vivir
to live
33. sentir
to feel, to regret
34. tratar
to treat, to handle
to begin, to start
36. mirar
to look at, to watch
37. contar
to count, to tell, to relate
to wait for, to hope
39. buscar
to search for, to look for
to need
41. entrar
to enter, to go in, to come in
to write
to work
44. perder
to lose
to produce
to occur, to happen
47. pedir
to ask for, to request
to receive, to welcome, to greet
to understand
to remember, to remind