Spanish Verbs Mastery List - Page 2

Trying to learn all the Spanish verbs, all at once, can be a bit overwhelming. However, you can become conversational in Spanish by just learning some of the most commonly used Spanish verbs. The Spanish verbs mastery list (page 2) below includes the top 100 verbs, in order of popularity. Once you've mastered these verbs, we recommend cherry picking additional verbs to learn from our comprehensive verb conjugations directory. (For more mastery verbs visit Spanish Verbs Master List page 1.)

to finish, to end
to appear, to show up
to get, to obtain
to permit, to allow
55. servir
to serve
to begin, to start, to commence
to maintain, to get
to turn out (to be)
59. caer
to fall
60. leer
to read
to congratulate
to introduce
63. crear
to create, to make
64. baņar
to bathe
65. acabar
to finish, to end
to convert, to change
67. traer
to bring, to get, to carry
68. ganar
to win, to gain, to earn, to acquire
69. formar
to form, to shape, to fashion
70. morir
to die
71. callar
to keep quiet
to understand, to comprehend
to accept, to approve, to agree to
to achieve, to attain, to accomplish
to suppose
76. lograr
to get, to obtain, to achieve, to attain
to ask, to inquire
to explain
79. tocar
to touch, to play (an instrument)
to reach, to catch up
to recognize
to study
83. nacer
to be born
to direct
85. correr
to run
to walk
87. pagar
to pay, to pay for
88. ayudar
to help
89. gustar
to please, to be pleasing
90. jugar
to play (a game or sport)
to listen, to hear
to carry out, to fulfil
to offer
to discover
to try, attempt
to use, to utilize
to raise, to lift
98. lavar
to wash
99. pasar
to pass, to happen
100. comprar
to buy