Spanish Adverbial Expressions

Adverbial expressions are phrases that function as adverbs in a sentence. In most cases, adverbial expressions in Spanish are formed with a preposition (i.e., "a", "con", etc) followed by an adjective or noun. Consider the following examples of adverbial expressions in Spanish.
She washed the car quickly.
Lavó el carro con rapidez.
He fell asleep at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Se durmió a las tres de la tarde.
They couldn't find the girl anywhere.
No pudieron encontrar la chica en cualquier parte.
We would visit her in the hospital from time to time.
La visitamos en el hospital de vez en cuando.
All of a sudden, she screamed.
De repente, ella gritó.

Like adverbs, adverbial expressions can be used to provide information about time, manner and place. To view the most common adverbial expressions in Spanish select a category below.