Shopping in Portuguese

Both Brazil and Portugul offer some of the best shopping opportunities and experiences in the world. Whether you have a taste for authentic Brazilian coffee or are looking for the lastest knockoff designer clothing, Portuguese markets offers something for everyone. Shopping is also important for purchasing food, medication and other basic necessities. Obiviously, shopping in a Portuguese speaking country requires a basic understanding of the Portuguese languages. Below we'll the explore the most relevant and useful Portuguese phrases and words you need to know to going shopping. To hear a shopping phrase click on any blue button, then repeat the phrase out loud.
I'm looking for _____.
Estou procurando _____.
Where is _____?
Onde fica _____?
Do you have _____?
Você tem _____?
...pasta de dentes
...escova dental
...lâminas de barbear
...absorvente interno
How much does it cost?
Quanto custa?
It's too expensive!
É muito caro!
Could you help me?
Pode me ajudar?
Do you have more of this?
Você tem mais deste?
I would like to try it on
Gostaria de experimentar
Which size is that?
Qual é o tamanho?
I'll take it
Vou levar
I need a smaller size
Preciso de um tamanho menor
I need a larger size
Preciso de um tamanho maior
I like it!
Eu gosto!
It looks good
Fica bom
Can you lower the price?
Você pode baixar o preço?
I don't like it
Eu não gosto
Where is the checkout?
Onde fica o caixa?
Can I pay with credit card?
Posso pagar com cartão de crédito?
I’d like to pay with cash, please
Gostaria de pagar em dinheiro, por favor.
Can I pay with travelers checks?
Posso pagar com cheques de viagem?
Where is the closest ATM?
Onde fica o caixa rápido mais próximo?
I'm just looking
Estou apenas olhando!
The market
O mercado
The supermarket
O supermercado
The pharmacy
A farmácia
Teh bakery
A padaria
The store
A loja
The butcher
O açougue