Greetings in Portuguese

Whether you're visiting Brazil, Portugal or some other Portuguese speaking part of the world, it's important you know how to greet people. Brazilian people in particular are extremely outgoing and will greet anyone with open arms. If you want to really immerse yourself in the Brazilian culture, knowing how to properly greet people and introduce yourself is key. Below we'll review the most common and useful Portuguese greetings and phrases for introducing yourself and others. To hear a greeting, simply click on any blue button. After hearing a greeting, repeat it out loud.
Bem-vindo! (m) / Bem-vinda! (f)
Hello (general greeting)
Hello (on phone)
Está lá? / Estou sim? / Hâlo
How are you? (formal)
Como está?
How are you? (informal)
Como estás?
How's it going?
Como vai?
Everything good?
Tudo bem?
I'm doing well, thank you. And you?
Estou bem, obrigado(a). E o senhor(a)?
Please to meet you
Prazer em conhecê-lo(a)
Very please to meet you
Muito prazer
Long time no see
Nossa! Quanto tempo!
Not too bad
Mais ou menos
Good morning
Bom dia
Good afternoon
Boa tarde
Good evening
Boa noite
Good night
Boa noite
See you later!
Até logo!
Take care!
Tem cuidado
Tchau / Chau
See you tomorrow
Até amanhã
See you soon
Até já
Until next time
Até a próxima
What's your name?
Como se chama?
My name is _______.
Eu chamo-me _______.
Where are you from?
De onde és?
Thank you
Obrigado (m) / Obrigada (f)
I'm fine!
tudo bom!