Learn how to speak Japanese like a pro quickly and easily.

Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by over 125 million people worldwide – but primarily in Japan where it is spoken exclusively. In addition to Japan, you can find Japanese speakers in the United State, Europe, South American and across the globe. Even though Japanese is considered a difficult language to learn when compared to romance languages like Spanish, French or Italian, the interest in learning Japanese continues to grow – as does the number of Japanese speakers. There are many reasons to learn Japanese.

Japan is one of the most prosperous countries on the planet. Next to the United States and China, it has the strongest economy in the world. Some of the largest firms and most successful brands (ie., Toshiba, Sony, Canon, Honda, Toyota, Mitisbushi, etc.) are Japenese. Knowing how to speak and communicate in Japanese brings business and career opportunities. Given the difficulty of the language, professionals who speak Japanese as a second language are in high demand by both domestic and international firms. If you're planning a career in business, economics, research, technology, or engineering, and want to open the door to a whole new realm of opportunity, then learn Japanese!

Although learning Japanese is challenging, it may not be as difficult as you think – especially if you already speak English. English is actually considered to be one of the hardest languages to learn. If your were able learn English, then you can most definitely pick of Japanese. As you begin to learn and practice some of the basic Japanese characters and expressions, you'll be surprised by how easy they are to remember. And once you conquer Japanese, picking up other Asian languages, such as Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai, will be a sinch.

Japanese for Travelers