Shopping in Italian

Italy offers some of the best shopping opportunities in the world. From authentic handbags to designer clothing to perfumes and ceramics, you'll find something for your tastes and budget in Italy. Of course, if you want to find the best products and get the best deals, it's important that you can speak a little bit of Italian. Below we'll explore the most common – and useful – Italian phrases and words you need to know and understand in order to have a pleasant and enjoyable time shopping in Italy. To hear a shopping phrase, click on any blue button. Then repeat the phrase out load to practice your pronunciation and commit it to memory.
At what time does the store open?
A che ora apre il negozio?
At what time does the store close?
A che ora chiude il negozio?
How much does that cost?
Quanto costa/costano?
I would like this.
Vorrei questo.
Can I help you?
Posso aiutarla?
What would you like?
Cerca qualcosa?
Here it is.
Is that all?
Ha bisogno di altro?
I'd like to pay by credit card.
Vorrei pagare con la carta di credito.
I'd like to pay in cash.
Vorrei pagare in contanti.
Can I order this online?
Posso ordinarlo su internet?
Women's clothes
(lí)abbigliamento donne
Men's clothes
(lí)abbigliamento uomini
i jeans
Shoes and socks
(le) scarpe e (i) calzini
Pants, shirt, tie
(i) pantaloni, (la) camicia, (la) cravatta
Blouse, skirt, dress
(la) camicetta, (la) gonna, (il) vestito (da donna)
(la) libreria
(il) fornaio, (la) pasticceria
(il) mercato
(il) supermercato
Whatís that?
Che cos�
How much?
Thatís too expensive.
» troppo caro.
I donít want it.
Non lo voglio.
OK, Iíll take it.
Va bene, la prendo.
I donít like it.
Non mi piaci.
Where can I get money changed?
Dove posso cambiare del denaro?
an you change a travelerís check for me?
Potete cambiarmi questi Travel Check?
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?
Dove posso trovare un Bancomat?
I am tired.
Sono stanco. (male) Sono stanca. (female)
I need a break.
Ho bisogno di riposarmi.