Basic Phrases in Italian

While we think Italian is one of the easier languages to learn, especially if you speak English or another romance language, you're still not going to pick it up overnight. You can however start communicating in Italian in no time by learning and memorizing the most common phrases used in Italian. Memorizing basic Italian phrases will allow you to start communicating in Italian in just a few days and begin conditioning your brain to learn the Italian language more fluently. Below we'll explore the most common phrases used in Italian. Click on any blue button to hear a basic phrase, then repeat the phrase out load.
How do you say that in Italian?
Come si dice in Italiano?
I don't understand.
Non capisco.
I don't speak Italian.
Non parlo italiano.
I don't speak Italian very well.
Non parlo molto bene italiano.
Do you speak English?
Parla inglese?
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Grazie tante.
I'm sorry.
Mi dispiace.
Pardon me.
Mi scusi.
Excuse me.
Mi scusi.
Per favore.
You're welcome.
Speak slowly, please.
Parli piano, per favore.
Repeat, please.
Ripeta, per favore.
What's your name?
Come si chiama?
How are you?
Come va?
Va bene!
Where is the bathroom?
Dov la toilette?
Can you help me?
Mi pu aiutare?
Can I get on the internet?
Posso collegarmi con internet?
Is there a public phone here?
C un telefono pubblico vicino?
How much does that cost? (sg./pl.)
Quanto costa/costano?
Is the tip included?
Il servizio incluso?
Where is the subway?
Dov la metropolitana?
Where is / Where are... ?
Dov' / Dove sono...?
Here is / Here are...
Ecco / Eccoli...
What's the matter? / What's wrong?
Cosa c'?
It doesn't matter.
Non importa. / Di niente. / Di nulla.
Don't worry.
Non ti preoccupare.
I have to go now.
Devo andare adesso.
I'm hungry. / I'm thirsty.
Ho fame. / Ho sete.
I'm cold. / I'm hot.
Ho freddo. / Ho caldo.
Good luck!
Buona fortuna!