Shopping in German

No German experience is complete without a little bit of shopping. Like other major European nations, Germany is now home to many of the big-box super stores common in the United States, but there is a still a large selection of Fachgeschäft (specialty shops) that offer a unique selection of exquisite and authentic German merchandise. No matter where you decide to shop, if you want to have an enjoyable and productive shopping experience, it's important to know a little German. Below we'll explore the key phrases and words you'll want to know to go shopping in Germany – and other German speaking countries. To hear a phrase, click any blue button. Then repeat the phrase out load to commit it to memory and learn its pronunciation.
At what time does the store open?
Um wieviel Uhr öffnet das Geschäft?
At what time does the store close?
Um wieviel Uhr schliesst das Geschäft?
How much does that cost?
Wieviel kostet das?
What would you like?
Was möchten Sie, bitte?
Can I help you?
Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
I would like this.
Ich möchte das gerne haben.
Here it is.
Hier ist es.
Is that all?
Ist das alles?
I'd like to pay by credit card.
Ich möchte gerne mit Kreditkarte bezahlen.
I'd like to pay in cash.
Ich möchte gerne mit Bargeld bezahlen.
I'll take it.
Ich nehme es.
Do you have more?
Haben Sie mehr?
Do you have...?
Haben Sie… ?
I'm looking for...
Ich suche…
Here is your receipt.
Hier ist Ihr Beleg.
We don't accept credit cards.
Wir aktzeptieren keine Kreditkarten.
Where is the closest ATM?
Wo ist der nächste Geldautomat?
Please type in your PIN.
Bitte geben Sie Ihre Pin- Nummer ein.
Please sign here.
Bitte unterschreiben Sie hier.
Women's clothes
Men's clothes
Blouse, skirt, dress
Bluse, Rock, Kleid
Pants, shirts, ties
Hosen, Hemden, Krawatten
Shoes and socks
Schuhe und Socken
Die Bank
The pharmacy
Die Apotheke
The bakery
Die Bäckerei
The music store
Der Musikladen
The hardware store
Der Baumarkt
The post office
Die Post
The butcher
Die Metzgerei