Dining Out in German

While German cuisine isn't as world renowned as that from other countries like Italy or China, Germany is still home to some of the richest, most substantial and utterly delicious food offered by any country in the world. Eating out, eating in, and just eating in general is a big part of the German culture and way of life. And let's not forget beer. Beer is also a big part of the German culture. If you really want to enjoy your stay in Germany, get to know the locals, and experience the German culture, then it's important that you learn some of the phrases and words used by Germans in every day life with respect to cuisine and dining out at German restaurants. Below we'll explore the most common every day phrases and words you need to know. Click on any blue button to hear a phrase, then repeat the phrase out loud.
Where is there a good restaurant?
Wo ist ein gutes Restaurant?
The menu, please.
Die Speisekarte, bitte.
A table for two, please.
Einen Tisch für zwei, bitte.
The wine list, please.
Die Weinkarte, bitte.
I would like something to drink.
Ich möchte gerne etwas trinken.
A glass of water, please.
Ein Glas Wasser, bitte.
A cup of tea, please.
Eine Tasse Tee, bitte.
coffee with milk
Kaffee mit Milch
Do you have a vegetarian dish?
Haben Sie ein vegetarisches Gericht?
That's all.
Das ist alles.
The check, please.
Die Rechnung, bitte.
Is the tip included?
Ist das Trinkgeld inbegriffen?
Enjoy the meal!
Genießen Sie das Essen!
To your health!
Zum Wohl!
It's delicious!
Es schmeckt ausgezeichnet!
I like my steak rare.
Ich möchte mein Steak roh.
I like my steak medium.
Ich möchte mein Steak nicht zu roh.
I like my steak well done.
Ich möchte mein Steak durch.
Another, please.
Noch eins, bitte.
More, please
Mehr, bitte.
Pass the… please.
Bitte reichen Sie …
Was möchten Sie essen?
What would you like to eat?
Möchten Sie eine Vorspeise?
Would you like a starter / appetizer?
Haben Sie schon gewählt?
Have you chosen already?
Yes, please?
Ja, bitte?
I don't know yet.
Ich weiß noch nicht.
One moment, please.
Ein Moment, bitte.
What is the soup of the day?
Was ist die Tagessuppe?
What is the daily special?
Was ist das Angebot des Tages?
What can you recommend?
Was können Sie empfehlen?