Shopping in French

There's no experience quite like shopping in France. In fact, France – Paris in particular – is known as one of the shopping capitals of the world. From fine foods to fine clothing, you'll find an assortment of high-end consumer products for sale in France. In other countries that speak French, shopping is just as important. Whether you're visiting a French speaking country for businesss or pleasure, knowing the most useful shopping phrases, terms and words in French will help you have a pleasant experience and find what you're looking for. Click on any blue button below to hear a shopping phrase, then repeat the phrase out loud.

At what time does the store open?
A quelle heure ouvre le magasin?
At what time does the store close?
A quelle heure ferme le magasin?
How much does that cost?
Combien cela coûte-t-il ?
I would like this.
(I would like to buy this.)
Je voudrais ceci.
Can I help you?
Puis-je vous aider?
What would you like?
Que voudriez-vous?
Here it is.
Le voici.
Is that all?
C'est tout?
I'd like to pay by credit card.
Je voudrais payer par carte de crédit.
I'd like to pay in cash.
Je voudrais payer en liquide.
Can I order this online?
Puis-je commander cela sur l’Internet?
men's clothes
les vêtements pour hommes
women's clothes
les vêtements pour femmes
the jeans
les jeans (m.)
shoes and socks
les chaussures et les chaussettes
the blouse, the skirt, the dress
le chemisier, la jupe, la robe
the bookstore
la librairie
the bakery
la boulangerie
the market
(outdoor market)
le marché
the supermarket
le supermarché
Do you have ___?
Avez-vous ___ ?
Where can I find ___?
Où puis-je trouver ___ ?
Do you have anything that is less expensive?
Avez-vous quelque chose de moins cher?
I'm just browsing.
Je regarde, c'est tout.
I'll buy it.
Je le prends.
I would like to return this item.
Je voudrais retourner cet article.
May I have the receipt, please?
Puis-je avoir le reçu, s'il vous plaît?
May I have a bag, please?
Puis-je avoir un sac, s'il vous plaît?
May I try this on, please?
Puis-je l'essayer, s'il vous plaît?
I'll give you _[amount]_ for this.
Je suis prêt à payer _[valeur]_ pour cet article.
I saw this for _[amount]_ somewhere else.
Je l'ai vu pour _[valeur]_ ailleurs.
That's way too expensive!
C'est beaucoup trop cher !
_[amount]_ is my final offer!
_[valeur]_ ! C'est mon dernier prix.
Then I'm not interested.
Alors je ne suis pas intéressé(e).
I would like that.
(I would like to buy that.)
Je voudrais cela.
the grocery store
Thank you very much!
Merci beaucoup!