Learn how to speak Bengali like a pro quickly and easily.

Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh and is spoken by approximately 300 million people worldwide. Even though there are more people that speak Bengali than German, French or Italian, it still isn't a language learned by many Westerners. The problem has been that most people who speak Bengali live in and around Bangladesh – a region that most of us will never visit. So why learn Bengali? There are many reasons why.

If you're looking for a unique language that is going to be globally useful to you, Bengali is a good choice. Nearly 30 million Bengali speakers live outside of Bengali. You'll find emigrants throughout Europe, Asia and the United States that speak Bengali. There is a large variety of modern and historical art and literature produced in Bengali. Learning Bengali will open the door to a new and diverse world of heritage, history and culture.

Learning Bengali can help you with your career. The demand for English to Bengali translators and interpreters is growing. Experts suggest that Bengali translators will have higher salaries than French, Spanish or Italian translators. Many companies with offices in Bangladesh, or that have Bengali or Indian clients, are seeking workers who can speak Bengali. There simply aren't enough professionals who speak Bengali to meet demand.

Our Bengali language guides and online language learning tutorials can help you get started o the path to learning Bengali. With just a few minutes of study a day, you'll start understanding and speaking Bengali quickly and easily.

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