Learn how to speak Arabic like a pro quickly and easily.

There are nearly 300 million native Arabic speakers. However some estimates suggest that Arabic is spoken by as many as 422 million people worldwide. Arabic, like Chinese, has various dialects and spoken forms that are mutually unintelligible. Arabic is one of the six most widely spoken languages in the world, one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the official language in over 20 countries. While most Arabic speakers reside in the Middle East, there are Arabic speakers living throughout the world.

Notwithstanding it's popularity in the Middle East, there are very few Westerners who speak Arabic. As the Middle East has become a hotbed for political and economic activity, there is an extreme shortage and growing demand for workers with the ability to speak Arabic and who understand its culture. Those few who invest the time and effort to learn Arabic will find that job opportunities abound in a variety of career fields, including business, banking, translation, interpretation, journalism, consulting, foreign intelligence and government.

But even if you don't plan on getting a job that requires you to speak Arabic, it's still a worthwhile language to learn. The Arab world has a rich and unique cultural heritage. Its music, art, food, literature, and way of life are truly singular. As you learn Arabic you'll explore the Arab culture and learn everything that the Arab world has to offer.

The study guides and tutorials below are designed for beginning to intermediate students of the Arabic language.

Arabic for Travelers

Arabic Vocabulary (Illustrated)